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Free Stuff

What kind of site would this be if it didn’t offer some free stuff, eh?

The eBooks below are all available for no cost. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I won’t even force you to subscribe.

You’re very welcome to distribute them as well, if you consider them helpful. They’re all published under Creative Commons licenses (as detailed on the first page of each). Click the images to download PDFs – all updated with clickable links inside and other small corrections!

Beginner's Guide to Making Money Online  Dealing With Plagiarism
Making Money Online: A Guide For The Absolute Beginner

31 pages explaining terminology, different types of work and basic principles. A collection of the most fundamental information needed to avoid being called a noob.

Updated to 2011 edition – 12 pages added! 

Dealing With Plagiarism

3 pages containing thoughts and useful resources for dealing with online theft of your work.

Ideas for tracking copies of both text and images, suggestions for confronting an offender and services for the online professional.

 How To Write Articles How To Write Better How To Create eBooks
How To Write Articles


A 3-page eBook suggesting one possible method of writing articles. Content, preparation, editing and ways to ensure your work is of high quality.

How To Write Better

A 2-page eBook with some simple suggestions of ways to improve your writing. You may have heard some of them before… but maybe not.

How To Create eBooks

A 6-page eBook giving step-by-step directions to creating PDF eBooks and the 3D graphics to advertise them to your readers.

The Guilt Trip

If, after downloading these, you feel a sudden pang of guilt at having taken something for nothing, I am not averse to accepting donations toward the cost of the site.

Or you could buy me a coffee (alternatively known as ‘the automatic $1 donation button’).

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