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What is ScrawlBug?

ScrawlBug’s intention is to save fledgeling freelancers from the months of trawling for reliable information, the endless digging through scam and spam, the frustration of constant rejection and perceived failure.

I’ve been freelancing as a writer, blogger and editor since November 2008. Since then, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, met some great people and learned loads. This blog exists to share my ongoing experiences in the world of freelancing.

I’m a firm believer in the adage “kindness begets kindness”. I’m an equally firm despiser of marketing and selfishness. So instead of hiding all the things I learn, then putting them in a crappy eBook and selling them to you, I prefer to reveal everything here, on my blog. Of course, that’s not to say that I won’t write them all down one day and sell that, too…

I’m no pro. I’m not an expert – yet! What I am is someone who’s learning a lot and sees no reason to sell you that knowledge when it can be given freely.

I hope the ScrawlBug will be an insect you welcome into your browser!

Who is Spike?

Spike Wyatt

It’s always rather difficult to describe oneself, but I’ll have a go. I’m Spike Wyatt. I’m male, human (or close) and over 40 years old. I’m English by birth and now live and work on the south coast of the UK. I share my life with a very special lady (who does me the honour of putting up with me!).

I moved back here from Paris, where for over 7 years I was an IT Analyst, Tech Lead, CRM Specialist and Business Intelligence POC for a huge great big American networking company (yes, that one).

At the same time, I spent 6 years as an executive staff member, reviewer, forum moderator and editor for a video games and military magazine (a voluntary position). I also blogged for a few years for the fun of it.

Outside of ‘real’ work (that’s the freelance writing, blogging and editing gigs), my main interests are in video games and movies. I’m a big film-lover, with a collection of (probably well over) 1,000 titles in various languages. I speak French fluently, but watch films from almost any country.

Music-wise, I’m a goth-cum-new-wave lover, enjoying The Cure, Sisters, Siouxsie, Bauhaus, All About Eve, Depeche Mode and so on. Add a healthy mix of techno and dance-trance to that, some jazz and some other stuff… well, it’s all a bit eclectic, isn’t it? Deep down, though, I’m still a goth and a hippy.

I’m also an animal lover, with a cat (Biscotte) at home and another cat (Pie ‘Oh’ Pah) who lives at a brother’s house – he doesn’t get on with Biscotte. He’s very happy there, though: he was rescued (by me) from an abusive owner and now has a huge garden, a loving owner and fresh seaside air! I used to have two rabbits, two guinea pigs, a hamster and seven rats as well, but they died of old age or illness. I’ve also worked for the RSPCA, by the way.

Apart from that, I’m tall, skinny, a computer geek, Capricorn, pagan, read Tarot, am intrigued by languages, psychology, theology and astronomy, read books too quickly, try to write fiction, eat too much chocolate and pizza, try to give up smoking, laugh easily, walk rather than use public transport, destroy my PC too often, spend too much money, use too many commas and write long sentences.

Whatever spare time all that leaves me, I use to sleep. Or try to: I’m somewhat insomniac!


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